The offer of foams is a wide range of products tailored to the various needs of customers and the applications they consist of:

– Gun and tube foams
– High-efficiency and low-pressure foams
– Winter and multi-season foams
– Special and dedicated foams
– Adhesive foams
– Guns and cleaners

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The group of sealants includes products intended for sealing joints of surface contact and filling defects in surfaces. This group includes both universal and highly specialized products dedicated to specific applications or surfaces, which thanks to their unique features ensure high performance parameters. The sealants include such products as:

– Acrylics and silanized acrylics
– Silicones (acidic and neutral)
– Hybrids and MS polymers
– Polyurethane sealants
– Rubber sealants
– Bituminous and roofing sealants

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We offer the widest range of adhesives intended for the construction industry, thanks to which we are able to adapt our products to the needs of many different types of contractors.
You will find with us:

– Recipes based on MS Polymers, SPUR hybrids, solvents, polyurethanes and water dispersions
– Assembly and construction adhesives
– Wood glues – Upholstery adhesives
– Industrial adhesives
– Floor systems (including parquet and carpet adhesives, screeds and primers, varnishes and oils)

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Waterproofing products are a guarantee of high quality and the maintenance of the most important parameters for horizontal and vertical insulation. Bitumen waterproofing products meet the highest standards of protection against moisture. The wide range of waterproofing products includes:

– Bituminous masses for waterproofing
– Asphalt and rubber masses
– Roofing sealants
– Self-adhesive bitumen tapes

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Chemical anchors are a universal tool for creating strong fixings in all conditions. They are characterized by high efficiency, fast setting time and exceptional strength. Typical product applications are:

– Mounting heavy elements on the wall
– Mounting elements embedded in concrete, brick or stone
– Mounts close to the edge

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