What do we do?

We create construction chemicals such as:
  • foams
  • adhesive foams
  • sealants (on different foundations)
  • adhesives (on different foundations)
  • waterproofing products
  • complementary products

You will find foams, adhesive foams, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products and many more. Proved in many markets, our products are now available under your brand name. You can count on comprehensive support at every stage of cooperation - from product selection to the delivery of the order. If you have an idea for a completely new product with sales potential, we will help you produce it.

What will you gain thanks to cooperation with Private Label?


We have been dealing with construction chemicals since 1992. We have 17 production plants in 9 countries around the world – Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, China, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Take advantage of our global experience and scope of operations – we can manufacture for you in any of our factories with the highest efficiency


We understand that each client has different requirements and needs, which is why we strive to best support your business. An experienced team of Private Labels will help you at all stages of the project – from product selection and label preparation to delivery.


High quality standards are our priority. Selena Labs, our modern research centre and Quality Control Departments in individual production plants, are responsible for their provision.

In addition, we will provide you with the necessary technical documentation, and we will also help you in obtaining the certificates required in various markets.


We have a global reach, but we operate locally and are close to you when you need us. This means that you can count on quick communication with the assigned representative and discuss any doubts with them on an ongoing basis.

For your convenience, you will also get access to a portal where, among others, you can efficiently and conveniently manage orders, check the time and progress of the contract as well as technical documentation. You will also see a visualisation of the products with the possibility of using graphics for your website, catalogue and other marketing materials.


As a leading producer of construction chemicals in the world, we are aware of the global environmental challenges. We systematically carry out activities aimed at minimising the harmful impact on the natural environment. This is, for example, the rational management of raw materials, replacement of machines with more modern ones, replacement of lighting in factories, conducting rational waste management and much more.

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